Alamat Hutan Pinus Asri Terdekat di Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

Alamat Hutan Pinus Asri Terdekat di Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

Alamat: Jalan Hutan Pinus Nganjir, Mangunan, Dlingo, Sukorame, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 897-7316-799

Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Pradikta Kusuma (29/04/2018 09:36)
Adem, sejuk, tenang. Rekomendasi datang di pagi hari Karena terdapat gardu pandang yang menghadap tepat ke arah Timur. Dan jika beruntung dikejauhan akan nampak gumpalan kabut indah yang berada dibawah kita

Desti Aisyah (25/04/2018 03:24)
The best place to find peace and calm. It also good for taking pictures or picnic with family. Worth it!

Tri Purnomo Aji (15/04/2018 12:01)
beautiful place. very suitable for seeking tranquility because the location is quite far from the highway. do not forget not to litter.

erwin nuryadin (08/04/2018 13:25)
Beautiful scenery, heaven for selfie photograph
There is many small cafe near.
Price so cheap for food and soft drink

Fathimah Nur Ikrom (28/03/2018 02:19)
I love this place but unfortunately I wore a not-so-suitable shoes so I couldn’t climb far.

Nur Fadhilah (21/03/2018 09:28)
A comfortable and peaceful place. They many many instagrammable spots. I did my postwedding video there.

Izzuddin Hamdan (10/03/2018 00:14)
It is somewhat remind me of horror movies. but in a good way. Silent forest. the sound of crackling branches. the whispering wind. feels like the forest talking to itself.

not ur typical forest if u live at khatulistiwa.

Muhammad Nur Taufik (30/01/2018 02:06)
Nice place. Good spot for photography. In the end of the spot you can find “gardu pandang” you can fly drone and take beautiful footage there. No high tree anymore so you can fly safely

Richo Wirawan (02/01/2018 02:09)
Views are good, for me around 3pm is the best time to visit this place. Access is hard with a lot of steep roads – NOT recommended for early drivers with minimal skill. There are only a small number of shelter to cover the visitors from rain. The ticket is very cheap.

Beck Jenkins (25/10/2017 20:05)
Good. Cheap ticket, windy environment. Bring your camera, and a pillow too..

Gilang Wahyu (20/10/2017 08:38)
If you plan a holiday, you have to come here, cheap, so much spot selfie, best place for you who love photography.

Carina Wahyu (01/09/2017 06:22)
Lovely place. Worth to visit. Easy to reach and the citizens was so kindly.

Neng Sri Susanti (26/08/2017 02:28)
What an amazing place. So peacefull and clear my mind. Nice place to gateway

Putri Oxtaviani (24/08/2017 03:48)
Best place for refreshing, sejuuuuukkkk. Spot foto nya banyaaaak.

Ananda Nicknamist (22/08/2017 10:03)
This place is soo beautiful to y’all who want to find a romantic place or just want to lose your stress out.

Titis Purnawati (25/07/2017 23:56)
Take a deep breath and you’ll feel the fresh air. Lovely place, very nice view. So many photo spot. Dont forget to bring food and drink because picnics are allowed here. Hammock is only 10 thousand rupiah for two hours (2017)

Amela Erliana Crhistine (29/06/2017 08:17)
This place has beautiful scenery and peaceful ambiance. You could bring foods and have a picnic with your family and friends.
The ticket price are very cheap for popular tourist destination. You could rent a hammock and have a nap under pine trees, it is only 10-20k for one hammock.
There are several shop and cafe nearby, and the prices not too expensive, only a little difference with standard price.
You can take beautiful picture or just enjoy the nature. This place is also near several other tourist attractions like fruit garden, hobbit house, thousand stones, etc.

Tyas Restu (25/05/2017 03:38)
This is one of good nature tourist resort in Yogyakarta. It will refresh your brain after work. There are lots of pine trees and other attractions. You can take picture cause the view is great.

Rootless Wanderer (16/05/2017 17:31)
It was a nice place to kiss nature..u could chill yet get fresh currently well managed and has many cool spot to take fotos..

Indrianisa Manurung (16/05/2017 07:11)
Been so long since the last time I visit here, and this place got more beautiful. There’s wood path now, benches, and man-made scenery spot for your selfies taking.

Ronni Widyantoro (10/04/2017 02:07)
Good place for recreation, but i think need improvement on facilities like restroom inside the area.

Manumoyoso Priyanggono (06/04/2017 08:18)
Beautiful place.
You will find a nice views if come before sunrise

Sari Rahmawati (29/03/2017 02:16)
It was my fave destination of all. Refreshing, cool, and great place for family or friends. Don’t forget to explore the wood stage.

But i recommend this place to have a big sign that welcome the tourist

Zule Zulaeha (20/03/2017 07:27)
Cool to take photo.. instagramable

Happy Yudika (14/03/2017 01:58)
It has beautiful scenery, but it has lagged facility. When rains and after rains, the place becomes so dangerous to step on because of mud.

danang andriyanto (06/02/2017 12:21)
Natural pine forest… great place to find some peace….

Newbie Traveler (04/02/2017 01:37)
Comfy place… Good place to enjoy…

Yoshua T.H. (24/01/2017 09:43)
I do really enjoy visiting here. my friend and I went up to a tree, they provide a stair, my friend said it was beautiful from top but scary as the wind made the tree a little bit shaky.

you should go with your loved one, because it really made me enjoy it even more

Yohanes Rio (15/01/2017 01:43)
Comfortable place, feel the soothing nature of this pinewood. You can use your hammock here or just camp. Clean and nice, for visitors please put your garbage and keep this place clean.

Tulus Sanyata (25/12/2016 12:48)
Great place to visit to. The fresh air were releasing.

ebti uji rahayu (18/12/2016 22:50)
Tempatnya kecil, but it is ok for get a some good picture.

mario kampes (20/08/2016 04:10)
makin alay aja nih nanti

Ariyadi Kartosetomo (20/08/2016 03:07)
Menikmati hutan pinus, bersantai dan berfoto di spot-spot buatan.
Jangan lupa, di bawah juga ada Watu Tumpang, batu unik yang seperti mengambang.
Hati-hati jika buang puntung rokok karena mudah terbakar.

Naomi Chrysantia (18/08/2016 07:27)
Siang hari kesana pun tempatnya teduh dan bersih

Andieka Almas (13/08/2016 08:05)
Bagus, tempatnya bersih

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